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Liberty On Point is a podcast where we examine current events and politics to determine the affect on our Liberties and Freedoms. "Liberty First"
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Oct 30, 2017

This episode I give an update of the homestead, I discuss an interesting article that I ran across that talked about the Hammond ranch, and I discuss the Libertarian philosophy of the Non-Aggression Principle. - cash flowed to clinton foundation as russians pressed for control of uranium company.

Oct 19, 2017

Jason is a Homesteader, a Marine, and a Liberty loving individual. Jason and I sit down and discuss life on a horse farm, homesteading, the liberty movement, and various other things. I you are offended by colorful language, then this is not the show for you. What do you expect when you leave a couple of Jarheads unsupervised.


Live Free and Grow Podcast


Oct 12, 2017

This episode I give an update on the homestead, which includes a trip to Texas, and then I talk about a few of the items that have been making the news cycle and how they affect us.

Sep 29, 2017


Rick Austin
The Survivalist Gardener
Featured on National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Castle, Doomsday Preppers, and the film: Beyond Off Grid; as well as in Newsweek, American Survival Guide, and Mother Earth News
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Ethical Meat Handbook
Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game
Sep 14, 2017

This episode I give an update on the homestead and I replay an episode of The Armed Squirrels Project.